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Uniseal® Insuslab® (Insuslab Patent No.141638) prefabricated, lightweight, composite slab made of cement and polyurethane foam board. It is used on roof decks and floors as a thermal and sound insulating medium and protection slab for any underlying waterproofing membrane, and incorporates a water drainage system. It is also foot trafficable.


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Advantages of Insuslab®

  • Lightweight yet heavy enough to resist wind uplift under “normal conditions”.
  • Simple handling and installation, just lay on top of waterproofing membrane without fasteners and with minimum skills needed.
  • Prevents water stagnation under the slab as the legs raises the slab creating a medium for water drainage.
  • Allows non-destructive, easy maintenance of roof deck and waterproofing membrane.
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation properties.
  • Saving on-site construction time
    - fast laying of slab
    - no need to wait for concrete to set and cure
    The slab is trafficable immediately after laying.
  • Eliminate problems associated with on-site in situ wet works construction viz.
    - quality control
    - housekeeping
    - vagaries of inclement weather
    with a pre-fabricated slab manufactured under factory controlled conditions.
  • Prevents pressure build-up by venting through the water drainage medium, thus minimising the risk of the polystyrene foam and cement casing cracking.
  • Saving on transport and storage cost as slab is stackable. Palletized delivery system allows easy lifting to roof decks.
  • Allow for formation of a graphic pattern on the deck, using coloured slabs.

Applicable Areas


Insuslab® is designed to replace the thermal insulation foam, separation felt and top protective screed in a typical waterproofed deck construction.


After the application of the waterproofing membrane on a roof deck constructed “to fall”, simply lay the Insuslab® 500 in a pre-determined arrangement, on top of the waterproofing membrane, with the help of a PVC spacer between the slabs for alignment and to cater for thermal expansion.


The slab will serve as a protection for the waterproofing membrane and support the human foot traffic load. The raised slab creates a medium to drain off water and vent any residual moisture caught underneath the slab, relieving pressure on the slab.


A graphic pattern can be arranged on the deck, using coloured slabs.

Technical Specifications
Size 500mm x 500mm x 50mm
Weight approx. 13.5kg
Cememt Casing Thickness Top 14mm
Bottom 5mm
Legs 13mm
Sides 10mm
Polyurethane Foam thickness 18mm
Polyurethane Foam size 480mm x 480mm
Thermal Conductivity 0.02587 W/mK
Finishes Rough or Smooth
Color Grey Cement
*Note: Non-Standard Sizes, Finishes and Colours are available on enquiry

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